Foodmate is an international poultry processing systems supplier.

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    Our latest newsletter is out! InsideTrack Vol1·2014

    Get insight on new market trends in the US and around the world. Learn more about our latest version of the OPTI-LTD Dark Meat Deboning Solution - All-in-One Solution to Debone Whole Legs, Thighs and Drumsticks. Also featuring MAXIMA, our Automatic Breast Cap Deboner, recently launched at the IPPE 2014. Learn more about Foodmate Exceptional Yield line of products Click to View or Download InsideTrack



  • The New OPTI LTD Dark Meat Deboning Systemclientuploads/images/2014Updates/OPTILTD_step8.png

    Exceptional Yields. No bones about it.

    See the all new OPTI-LTD Dark Meat Deboning Solution - All-in-One Solution to Debone Whole Legs, Thighs and Drumsticks. OPTI LTD's latest version displays higher perfomance, with greater flexibility and efficiency. Foodmate latest Total Dark Meat Deboning Solution produces high-yield, superior quality meat and low cost of ownership. View or Download Brochure

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    New generation OPTI XL Leg Processor

    Find out more about Foodmate's latest version of Leg Processor. The new OPTI XL Leg Processor was specifically designed to maximize bone-in and boneless dark meat yields. The machine gives a high yield anatomical cut and good meat and skin presentation. In addition, it accomodates a wide range size range while maintaining a high percentage of "white knuckles" and minimal bone content. View or Download Brochure

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    Foodmate Presents...

    MAXIMA 1.0 Breast Cap Deboner

    The new MAXIMA highlights the latest tecnology in breast deboning. Foodmate's MAXIMA 1.0 Breast Cap Deboner is able to debone up to 2,000 breast caps per hour and produces single fillets with tenders. Final product is very well suited for tray-packing, requiring minimum trim as well as displaying perfect presentation. View or Download Brochure

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    Food Service Cut-up System


    Flex Cut-Up System


  • Total Dark Meat Solutions

    Foodmate OPTI Line includes a double blade halving machine, leg processors that can accommodate a wide size range, a uniquely designed thigh deboner, a multi-purpose thigh and drumstick cutter, and our latest, the all-in-one whole leg deboning machine, the OPTI LTD. "Foodmate's Total Dark Meat Systems provide the perfect solution for labor and yield optimization." -Scott Hazenbroek, President, Foodmate US.